Food Delivery Apps: Best Practices for 2022

Reviewing Uber Eats, DoorDash, Grubhub, and other food delivery apps to learn from their best practices and avoid mistakes.


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Food delivery apps reviewed


Must-have features explained

Why you need this overview

To get a deeper insight into the food delivery market

Know who you are competing with and what strategies they are using.

To enhance your food delivery app and multiply orders

With success-proven practices from market leaders or your own informed innovations.

To tap new growth opportunities for your business

See what next steps you can take to evolve as a food delivery company.

What’s inside

Expert analysis of 26 food delivery apps

With pinpointed strengths and weaknesses and clear tips on how to create the best customer experience for your mobile users.

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As a team of cross-industry experts, we help ghost kitchens, restaurants, and food delivery companies give a boost to their businesses by creating cutting-edge mobile apps, websites, and kitchen management platforms that drive orders and optimize workflow.

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