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UX/UI Design

At our UX/UI design agency, we center our design process on understanding user needs and behaviors to create user-friendly digital products. We start by making prototypes of key screens and features and gather feedback from users through iterative cycles. With this foundation, we prioritize feature development, saving time and resources before entering the coding phase.

UX research

In UX research, we gather and analyze customer requirements through surveys and interviews. We create user scenarios to understand real-world interactions and use User Story Mapping or a jobs-to-be-done framework for a clear user journey. Functional specifications guide our process, ensuring user-centric solutions.

A fragment of a jobs-to-be-done map in a fitness ecosystem

Wireframing and prototyping

Wireframing allows us to create the basic layout and structure, mapping out the key elements and functionalities. After that, we create a prototype of the interface in black-and-white, focusing on the fundamental design elements without distraction. The prototype simulates the user experience, which helps us refine our designs before development.

A prototype of an m-commerce app for a consumer electronics retailer

UI concept

We start by developing design concepts for a few prototype screens, exploring styles from conservative to bold. Once the client selects the preferred design concept, we begin creating the final design for all screens, prioritizing either iOS or Android. Simultaneously, we work on UI animations to make a concept more engaging.

Mobile app UI concepts for an eco-friendly resort

Design system

For every project, we create a UI kit that includes font styles, colors, icons, and buttons. In cases where the product is set to expand or the client manages multiple products in their portfolio, we develop a design system. It consists of standards and reusable components that help keep a consistent interface across several digital products—apps, websites, or platforms.

A fragment of a design system for an omnichannel sporting goods retailer

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