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Mobile App Design

Mobile app design stands out as one of our core strengths. Our team of talented UX/UI designers excels in crafting intuitive and visually engaging mobile app interfaces. Our mobile app UI design expertise extends across iOS and Android, as we tailor each design to suit the target audience.


We kickstart by collecting customer requirements, to fully understand project goals. Moving forward, we create detailed user scenarios with the User Story Mapping (USM) technique and organize development into releases. Additionally, we provide a functional description outlining product features and acting as a roadmap for design and development.

A sample user journey in a grocery delivery app

UX/UI design

Our mobile UI design process involves constructing a prototype and a design concept. We apply different design styles to several prototype screens, which results in two or three concepts that span from conservative to experimental. If necessary, we take a concept-first approach and start with a design concept before crafting the prototype.

Prototypes and final mockups of a fitness super app

Tailoring for different platforms

Once we have an approved design concept, we apply it to all of the layouts, prioritizing one of the platforms, iOS or Android. If more users use Android, we start there, and if iOS is more popular, we begin with iOS. This way, we cater to the platform that matters most to the client and their audience.

Android and iOS design concepts for a fashion and lifestyle brand

Hand-off to development

While working on the concept or after it's been approved, we draft technical specifications for development. This involves articulating API requirements, assembling a UI Kit, and documenting the states of all screens and elements.

A fragment of a technical specification document for an m-commerce app

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