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Product Strategy

After initial research and audit, we create a vision of the final product and requirements for an MVP. Together with the client, we draft a product and marketing strategy that will modernize their digital approach, systems, and processes.

Product hypotheses

In this phase, we create multiple ideas for the product through collaborative workshops and brainstorming sessions. These sessions enable us to generate innovative product hypotheses. Once we have the hypotheses, we plan how to test them and devise methods to evaluate their viability.

A sample development scheme for an agriculture company

Product roadmap

The product roadmap includes the key elements of the client’s product portfolio and milestones for the product's journey. We identify and prioritize the areas that require long-term product development. This includes exploring new features and enhancements that align with the client’s vision and customer feedback.

A sample digital product portfolio created for a sporting goods retailer

Resource planning

Resource planning is a step where we establish a collaborative framework with our client. We assemble a project team with the right mix of expertise and skills and allocate resources, taking into account project requirements, timelines, and costs.

A fragment of a mobile app development plan for a fashion retailer

Technical requirements

Technical requirements shape the product's foundation. In the documentation, we outline what the product must achieve and how it will perform specific tasks. Additionally, we specify the system requirements and a high-level product architecture.

A sample digital ecosystem architecture designed for a sporting goods retailer

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