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Business Research

As part of any project, we make sure we understand the full context of the client’s business. To achieve this, we conduct market research with a focus on the client's business processes, insights into the target audience, and the competitive landscape.

Business analysis

We conduct business research by gathering open-source data, talking to our client's key team members, and holding group sessions. This helps us understand their internal processes, goals, and KPIs. By actively listening and collaborating, we gain insights into the client’s industry, workflows, and challenges.

A fragment of an analytical report for a grocery retailer

Target audience analysis

At this stage, we organize in-depth interviews with different segments of customers and users, to gain a deeper understanding of the audience’s needs and pain points. As a result of this analysis, we draft customer journey maps or use a jobs-to-be-done framework to visualize the info we’ve gathered.

A fragment of a user journey in a grocery delivery app

Competitive analysis

When conducting competitive research, we investigate what the client’s competitors are offering. This involves analyzing publicly available information and testing their products firsthand. By doing so, we gain insights into their strengths and weaknesses and identify the best industry practices.

A fragment of a competitor products analysis for an e-commerce retailer

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