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Backend Development

Our team of backend developers excels in handling complex websites and apps. In most of our projects, we build platforms with microservices, which helps in scaling products without issues. On top of that, a digital platform composed of microservices has a higher fault tolerance.

Faster development

Modular app architecture means that different teams work on different modules at the same time. Thus, we integrate multiple new features simultaneously, which helps us develop dynamic and holistic products.

A sample modular (micro-service) architecture

Better scalability

We can easily incorporate new services without compromising on the app's performance or effectiveness. This helps our clients introduce new features that cater to users’ demands while being confident that the app remains smooth and efficient.

A step-by-step process of updating an app module

Lower cost

When needed, individual modules can be moved to separate applications, which can help generate new points of interest for customers. Additionally, these modules can be repurposed in other projects, especially when the business is targeting different groups of customers. All of this means saving money on developing new apps.

A scheme of repurposing modules from an e-commerce mobile app

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We don't want to bore you with another intro call where we only talk about ourselves. We’ll tell you only what you want to know. Whether it’s our mobile apps, design sketches, development team, or workspace, we're ready to share if you need to see us in action.

But if you'd rather just discuss your project and business goals, that also works! Schedule a call and we’ll be glad to help you.


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