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Mobile App Development

Our mobile development team builds apps based on our own designs or client’s prototypes and wireframes. In both cases, we are dedicated to crafting an app that functions effectively, aiding the client in achieving their business objectives.

Preparing for the development phase

When we engage in a project from a design concept stage, our responsibilities include creating the project's technical specifications alongside API requirements. Alternatively, if our role focuses on app development, we review the specifications and designs provided by the client, ensuring our mobile app developers have a full grasp of the project's demands.

A sample fragment of a UI kit that we create before the development phase

App architecture design

Before we start coding, we ensure the app's architecture is well-designed for efficiency. Our mobile developers link the necessary tool libraries to handle specific tasks, establish automatic components and transitions, and create connections with external services.

A sample project architecture

Coding in multiple flows

We divide mobile application development into several flows. It means that many teams are working on the project in parallel, each developing a specific part of the application, for example, a service. This multi-flow approach allows us to speed up development, releasing several new services while developing the existing ones.

A scheme of mobile app development organized in multiple flows

Using top-notch technology

Our app development company primarily works with two key mobile development languages: Swift, the official iOS language endorsed by Apple, and Kotlin, recommended by Google for Android apps. For continuous integration and continuous deployment (CI/CD), we rely on Bitrise, and for build automation, we use Fastlane (iOS) and Gradle (Android). As we move to testing, our QA team uses Testflight and AppCenter, platforms for distributing and assessing app performance.

Our mobile development tech stack

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We don't want to bore you with another intro call where we only talk about ourselves. We’ll tell you only what you want to know. Whether it’s our mobile apps, design sketches, development team, or workspace, we're ready to share if you need to see us in action.

But if you'd rather just discuss your project and business goals, that also works! Schedule a call and we’ll be glad to help you.


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