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Super App to Change the Game: How to Disrupt the Industry as a New Player

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About Webinar

Super apps are fancied not only by industry giants such as Uber, Amazon, X, or Snapchat. Today, more and more new niche super apps are beginning to grow out of startups.

One of such companies is Wikolo, a super app for students that has raised $500K in investment, followed by a global update in December 2023. Together with Wikolo, we will discuss:

  • Developing a super app as a startup vs tech industry mastodon.
  • How a growing company can scale a super app quickly and efficiently.
  • Why invest in young super apps and how soon to expect profit.

Webinar recording

Key topics

  • The idea behind Wikolo, the first college-centric super app

  • Defining the core feature set for a niche super app

  • Attracting investment for a niche super app like Wikolo

  • Marketing strategy best practices from Wikolo team

Our strategic insights will be particularly useful for

Business owners and executives

Startup founders


Product managers

Webinar hosts

Grant Bruno

Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Financial Economist & Entrepreneur Former COS of Timeless Ventures, Head Data Analyst & Business Development of Clipmedia.

Sharon Walsh

Chief Marketing Officer

Luxury Brand Marketing and Sales Strategist Executive. Formerly with Gucci, Jared the Galleria of Jewelry, Pacific Trade International, Neiman Marcus, Two’s Company, and Villeroy & Boch.

Gerald Hayden

Board Advisor, Wikolo

Over 40 years in global financial services with over 20 years experience working for large Technical companies as their most senior banker, on a global basis including North America, Latin America, Europe and Asia. Principal author of the recent reshaping of the IBM corporation.

George Petersen

Head of Business Development

George and the HeyInnovations team have helped folks at Land Rover, Leroy Merlin, Haier, and others to achieve their business goals by analyzing, designing and developing digital mobile and web solutions within e-commerce and beyond.

Who we are


HeyInnovations is a digital product agency with a focus on digital ecosystems, super apps, and marketplaces. In 2019, we were one of the first companies outside of Asia to start creating super apps, and since then, we have achieved:


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Guest speaker

Wikolo is a dynamic digital industry disruptor connecting best-in-class student services on one platform. Its super app helps simplify college experience with services such as finding roommates, managing finances, staying healthy, and more.




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