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TONS is a food delivery service operating in Kuwait. The company delivers fresh food, produce, and household items from hypermarkets to locals and foreign residents.


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Business challenge

TONS had already launched a pilot version of the app for iOS before partnering with us. In 2018, the company approached us to improve it and develop an app for Android.

Our task was to simplify and speed up the order picking process. The apps had to support English and Arabic as well as comply with the local acquiring system: the citizens of Kuwait cannot link their credit cards to their accounts, so they cannot get refunds.

How we tackled the task TONS customer app

Placed the key information on the home screen

The home screen displays the upcoming delivery time so that the user can see when the courier will be able to deliver their order.

Easy in-app shopping

We created a smooth and easy shopping experience for users to purchase their favorites and discover new options in just a few taps.

Facilitated catalog search

We designed two types of filters that allow finding and shopping items by diet or category. Users can choose from vegan, organic, vegetarian, keto, lactose- and sugar-free foods, or browse by regular product categories.

A special indicator in the catalog shows how many items users need to add to the cart to get a free delivery with their order.

Optimized the product cards

We placed all relevant information about the product into the product card: item photo, price, nutrition facts, and information about the manufacturer.

While viewing, users can like the items and add them to favorites.

Enabled item replacing

Users can find a replacement for items that are out of stock in the store. The “Replacement options” button allows users to select available goods from the list of similar items.

Users can type a message for the shopper and choose the preferred way of communication: calling or messaging.

Added a barcode scanner

Customers can browse goods in the search bar or in the catalog. We added a third option—search by barcode.

The user scans the item barcode, and the product goes right into the cart.

Geolocation and address autocomplete

To provide a fast and easy checkout, we implemented geolocation services. The app automatically detects the user’s current location or suggests typing in the address manually.

In Kuwait, every building has a unique eight-digit number. The user can specify the number, and TONS will remember it and autocomplete the address with the next order.

TONS saves all the previous delivery addresses and keeps several locations for each user, so that they can choose where to deliver their order this time: to their home, office or parents' place.

Installed a picking and delivery tracker

In the app, users can track how shoppers prepare their order. Push notifications inform them about the changes in the order status. For example, when the order has been picked, and the courier is on the way.

The shopper searches for the products in the store, offers replacement options if anything is out of stock, packs the order, and hands it over to the courier.

Users then can track the delivery on the map. The app highlights all the changes made by the shopper, so that the user can see which products have been replaced or removed from the order.

Added a feedback form

After the courier has delivered the order, the app collects feedback about the service and the delivered items. Users rate the quality and availability of the goods, as well as the replacement accuracy.

Designed an in-app currency

Due to local regulations, the citizens of Kuwait cannot link their credit cards to mobile apps. This means that customers cannot get their money back if they cancel the order. To solve this problem, we created TONS Credits, an in-app currency that can be used to pay for orders and refunds.

If an item is out of stock, TONS will return the price difference in Credits, which users can spend on the next order.

App bonuses also add up as Credits.

How we tackled the task TONS shopper app

Created a new management platform

The app for shoppers solves two problems: it makes purchasing faster and more convenient, and also has an HR system functions.

Designed a user-friendly interface

Shoppers mark the beginning and the end of their shifts in the app. They see all incoming orders listed by delivery time. The shopper opens the order, accepts it, and starts working.

On the order list, the shopper marks which products they bought, which have been replaced, and which are out of stock. If the required item is not available in the store, they text or call the customer to discuss the replacement option.

After the shopper has completed the order, they take a picture of the receipt and send it to the customer. The customer checks the prices to make sure the total sum is correct.

Added a customer feedback form

If a store runs a promotion, the shopper can inform the customers about it. The shopper adds the promotion terms to the product card, the information goes to the server, and the promo appears on the screen.


We built an Android app from scratch and took the iOS app from pilot to stable.

We made the app for shoppers and handed the project over to the client's in-house development team for maintenance, and joined it only to provide help with complex tasks.


loyal users in Kuwait


orders via app


App Store and Google Play ratings

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