Online Store for a Serbian Home Improvement Retailer


home improvement is an e-commerce website built for a DIY retailer It helps the retailer sell its home improvement products and find new customers online.



Disrupting Serbia’s home improvement market is a retailer that set out to revolutionize the DIY industry in their home country. They wanted to make an omnichannel shopping experience their key advantage.

The ultimate goal was to become the first-choice brand for professional craftsmen. To be their reliable partner, needed a reliable online store.

25k SKUs

1.5x more than competitors’ average


target share of online orders

14 months

between an idea and a working omnichannel business

“We chose HeyInnovations because they impressed us with their thorough approach, attention to detail, and creativity. Somehow, we knew this team wouldn’t disappoint us if we worked with them.”


CEO at



Business challenge

To make their vision come true, faced several challenges.

No option to use pre-built solutions like Shopify wanted a custom website instead of using pre-built options like Shopify for two reasons. First, it’d be hard to integrate a pre-built solution with their bespoke internal system. Second, they needed maximum freedom in adding services and features, without relying on a third-party service.

The deadline tied to the store’s grand opening aimed to launch its offline store and online platform simultaneously. Their offline store would offer samples of products, and some of the building materials wouldn’t be available at the store. That’s why letting customers order them online from day one was critical.

No chance to go over budget was conscious of its budget limitations. The team had attracted initial investments, but overspending was not an option, as securing additional funding during the project would be a challenge.

The need for a reliable IT partner team had to manage myriad tasks while opening their offline store. That's why they needed a reliable partner to handle their online presence, including website design, architecture, and testing.

“Solution had to be scalable and straightforward, so that we could grow quickly.”


CEO at



Key tasks

Our job was to build an MVP version of an e-commerce website meeting all the business challenges. Thus, our key tasks were:

Benchmark Serbian home improvement online stores

Come up with a straightforward UX design and a UI design kit from scratch

Develop website frontend and backend, integrated with the client’s ERP and CRM

Build an admin dashboard for managing promos and SEO

Launch the MVP at the same time as the offline store opening



Tackling the tasks

Visual identity

Created the website UI design from a single logo

The client wanted their website to leave a lasting impression. The UI we had to develop would also play a vital role in their overall branding, ensuring that customers could easily identify in any context.

The problem was that the client lacked any branding elements beyond their logo. So, our designers created a design kit inspired by the logo shape. That’s how banners, buttons, and blocks on the website got their signature slanted edge.

Phygital design

Helped find the style for the offline store

Asymmetry and minimalism, the key features of our concept, also appeared in the interior layout of’ first physical store. The client used the graphic elements from the website when designing counters and storefronts, which saved them time and effort.

“We wanted a consistent look and feel for our offline and online stores. HeyInnovations’ versatile and minimalist UI design helped us achieve that.”


CEO at

User experience

Came up with a clean UX appealing to the target audience

The client chose professional contractors as their target audience, so we tailored the website design to suit their specific needs. For example, remodeling professionals are often pressed for time while working on a project. Hence, the easier it is to get the right materials, the more quickly they do their work.

That’s why we focused on ease of use, clear catalog hierarchy, and useful details when thinking through the website UX. This would also help edge out the competition.

“ wanted the new website to differentiate the brand from its competitors. That’s why our design is clean, airy, and intuitive—it easily catches the customer’s eye.”


UX designer at HeyInnovations

Syncing IT systems

Integrated the e-commerce platform with the client’s IT systems in unusual circumstances

Mastering Salesforce integration for accurate prices


For real-time transaction tracking, we had to integrate our e-commerce platform with the Salesforce CRM. There was a problem: the systems applied discounts and taxes differently, and prices in the CRM didn't match the website prices.


Our business analyst mastered Salesforce and worked closely with their team, thoroughly examining our code. This effort ensured accurate website pricing.

Overcoming the language barrier for a perfect ERP integration


The documentation we worked with was in Serbian, including the JSON requests that we had to use to receive the data from the client’s server. We needed to interpret them correctly to integrate the ERP with the website.


Our business analyst and project manager teamed up with developers to understand how every JSON method works. This gave us a clear picture of the client’s ERP system and how to handle the data precisely.




The MVP we’ve built achieved its core objective—we’ve helped the client launch the business and open the store within time and budget.’ founders appreciated the meticulous approach of our team and the way we adapted quickly to changes. However, our work with is far from over. There's a backlog of features and enhancements that we’ll continue to implement, to help them become the market leader in the country.

25k SKUs

1.5x more than competitors’ average

14 months

between an idea and a working omnichannel business


target share of online orders

“I’m proud of what we’ve done together. has entered the market with a working tool to draw in clients online. Their entire business relied on the new website, and we made it happen. That, to me, is our greatest result in this project.”


Project Manager at HeyInnovations