AMAN Holding

Digital Audit for a Financial Super App

AMAN is a financial super app that enables banking, e-payment, and installment shopping. Aiming to optimize their user experience, they turned to HeyInnovations for development ideas.

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Digital audit to boost app experience

AMAN Holding is an Egyptian fintech company that brings financial inclusion and BNPL shopping to the unbanked population. Its super app helps 40M users and generates a substantial portion of the holding’s revenues.

AMAN wanted to optimize their user experience, so they decided to invite a team of experts to audit their super app and propose new ideas for improvement.

3 weeks

to fully audit the super app

90+ pages

with identified problems and proposed solutions

150+ tips

and ideas for improvement

“HeyInnovations conducted an expert audit of our super app, which lasted for 3 weeks, and they didn't save any effort to provide us with all the required support pre and post project delivery.”

Ali Elhusseiny

UX Analyst at AMAN Holding

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A UX Analyst from AMAN Holding reached out to us with a request to help them improve their super app. We invited them to a video call with our Head of Business Development George, during which we learned:

Client’s expectations

AMAN wanted our UX/UI specialists to review their super app and point out all the current and potential hindrances in the user flow, suggesting new ideas for their app optimization.

Client’s vision

The Holding was considering the overall digitalization of their financial services. As a start, they needed a clear direction from a team with a vast cross-industrial experience and a track record of building super apps for tens of millions of users.

“On our first meeting, they took us on a virtual tour in their office, which was super enjoyable for us, this reflects how friendly they are.”

Ali Elhusseiny

UX Analyst at AMAN Holding



Preparation for research

Before starting the audit, we did some prep work:

Singled out the AMAN super app use cases

Determined focal mechanics for analysis

Gathered customer reviews

To define the focal mechanics, we looked into the nature of the business. For our client, the key UX points were:




Our UX/UI team went through the key use cases in the app, imitating the user flow. We pinpointed the areas that could be optimized to provide a better user experience, and suggested solutions on how to:

Prevent cart abandonment and bolster sales conversions

Grow the share of in-app installment card users

Ease and foster in-app purchases

Continuously engage users


Design concept to visualize ideas for further development

We presented the concept at the final meeting and the AMAN team liked the direction that we took with it.  They can now use it as a reference for further UX/UI improvement.



Presenting results

Before the final presentation, we sent AMAN all the deliverables.

This way, their team could study the findings and prepare questions for the upcoming call.

“We understand how draining calls can be, so we love to keep it short and stick to the point: 20 mins for highlighting the key findings, and the rest of the time we dedicate to the client’s questions.”


Project Manager at HeyInnovations



Client’s feedback

“One of the best vendors we've ever partnered with, their work has gone beyond our expectations. All this work was done within just 3 weeks and they didn't save any effort to provide us with all the required support pre and post project delivery.”

Ali Elhusseiny

UX Analyst at AMAN Holding

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We conducted a Digital audit of the AMAN Holding financial super app in 3 weeks.

We are open to offering post-project delivery support, and in case of AMAN, we had several more post-presentation calls to consult our client on how to better implement some of the recommendations that we offered.

AMAN found our suggestions useful, and as of now, they are working on implementing our ideas into their super app.

3 weeks

from start to the end results

90+ pages

with identified problems and proposed solutions

150+ tips

and ideas for improvement

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