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Mobile App and Website UX Audit

Get 100+ practical ideas for boosting your online sales through a better UX.


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UX audit

At this step, we analyze the product's UI, navigation, and overall user experience, focusing on navigational elements such as menus, buttons, and tabs. We simulate real-world scenarios to identify pain points, challenges, and areas where users might face difficulties.


A sample UX audit of a search page in an e-commerce mobile app

UX benchmarking

We compare a product or service's performance against industry standards, analyzing the strengths and weaknesses of competing products. This helps us identify gaps in the market where the client can outperform the competition.


A sample benchmark table comparing fashion retailers’ mobile apps

Performance evaluation

While evaluating the product’s performance, we look closer at critical UX issues and how they affect the user flow. We also measure product efficiency, reliability, and responsiveness, which helps us define actions to streamline the user journey.


A fragment of a financial mobile app performance report

Design and visual appeal review

Finally, we review the product's design aesthetics, branding, visual elements, and visual appeal. At this stage, we take into account the use of colors, typography, and imagery to determine if they align with the brand's identity and user expectations.


A sample review of visual elements in an online product catalog

Our insights are your blueprint for breakthrough

Actionable ideas

We have over 10 years of experience and a portfolio of 250+ projects. We know what makes mobile apps thrive, and that’s why our recommendations are practical and time-tested.

Unbiased perspective

We steer clear of subjective judgments like “bad design-good design.” Our feedback is unbiased and based on metrics, that’s why we can join any project as an independent third party.

Financial focus

We’ll align our ideas with your financial objectives, whether it’s to boost average order size, sales volume, or cross-sale rate. For us, focusing on your business benefits is the key.

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You can benefit from our digital audit if you need to…

Refresh strategy

Gain an unbiased, fresh perspective to shape a roadmap for your product development or an alternative point of view on your digital strategy.

Improve KPIs

Get actionable ideas on how to enhance metrics like MAU, DAU, customer LTV, average order size, and conversion rate with a better UX/UI.

Attract investors

Improve your concept of a digital product with new development ideas that will impress potential investors and raise funding.

Meet us in person

We don't want to bore you with another intro call where we only talk about ourselves. We’ll tell you only what you want to know. Whether it’s our mobile apps, design sketches, development team, or workspace, we're ready to share if you need to see us in action.

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